• We are going to verify the authenticity of your items and we will sell it for you online and in our stores.


  • If we sell your item, you will get your money & we recieve our Service Fee that is included in the final selling price. If we doesn't sell it, you don't have to pay anything.


  • You can request a price drop or return for your item at any time. Please notice that this process can take up to 10 business days. This could also affect some additional cost for the return.


1-10 Items

11-30 Items

 50+ Items

20% Service Fee 15% Service Fee 10% Service Fee
- Payout only on Mondays - Automatic Payout - Flexible Payout
- Flexible Prices - Quick Online Upload
- Live Notification



On ONI STORE you only buy authentic items, with 100% security (no fakes, no scams) completely handled by us.


    Returns and Shipping

    • Every item is shipped with DHL, includes a tracking code and is insured.

    • The average delivery time from our warehouse to you is currently 7-10 business days. You can also pick-up your item at your next located store.

    Shipping Costs

    • The shipping costs (we always ship double boxed) from our warehouse to the buyer will be added on top of the displayed Store price.

Click here, to see what the shipping costs are for your country.

    Worldwide Shipping

    At the moment the service is only available for the above listed countries. We are actively working on making the service available worldwide. 

    Prices and Costs

    You will be 100% secured. Don't stress with long talks & flakers. For this we are charging the following "Service Fee":

    • % included in the „seller price“ (the price the seller asks for)

      The "Service Fee" include:
      • Authentication Costs
      • Packaging Costs
      • Handling Costs
      • 19% VAT (MwSt.)
    • (optional) + EUR 5,99€ Flat Rate Shipping Costs. This involves shipping via DHL from the seller to our warehouse for authentication.
    • If you are located near one of our stores, you can bring it by hand.

    Additionally you (as the seller) needs to pay shipping costs from us to you (price depends on your location) in case of a return.